In addition to our function bands, we have expanded into several other musical fields. With guitarist John King, I perform regularly (over 100 nights a year) in pubs, restaurants, social clubs and the occasional cruise, playing largely jazz, soul and pop. See our gig list for our next appearances and how to subscribe to our newsletter.



We have created an Eva Cassidy tribute show suitable for corporate entertaining and theatres. The show lasts one hour, and includes the narrated story of Eva Cassidy’s life and performances of her best known songs. See our tribute page for details.



We have been asked many times to perform at funerals, and are now offering this service to Funeral Directors and private hire. Please see our funeral page for details.


Noise Limiters

Please note that we do not perform in venues with noise limiters. We would advise potential clients not to book their function in a venue with a noise limiter. These devices cut the power to the stage when the volume exceeds a pre-determined noise limit set by an environmental health officer and can be triggered by barking dogs, crying babies, laughter and applause! And they have the potential to ruin your event.

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